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About university

Turan University was established and registered in 1992 in Almaty, and is the core of the educational corporation.

The University provides education in 31 bachelor’s degree specialties, 16 master’s degree specialties, 6 PhD doctoral specialties at 4 faculties: Economics, Humanities and Law,  Faculty of Digital Technologies and Arts, and STEM – the Faculty of English-language programs.


Students can study under state grants and grants from the rector of the university. Excellent students can apply for scholarships from Kazakhstani and foreign companies and organizations. All this allows us to give students a high-quality education for their further employment and development in the competitive environment of modern society



The University has more than 700 personal computers. The internal system is supported by a powerful server. “Turan” University has become the first university in the Republic of Kazakhstan to join the Eduroam project, which allows students and university staff to use free Wi-Fi in almost any university in 54 countries of the world under their corporate login.

The university also opened a digital laboratory “Apple Digital Lab”. Within the framework of the project, children and young people have access to educational programs developed by Apple — Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create. Among other things, the digital laboratory is focused on the formation of the teaching staff who are able to work in a digital environment, as well as to form and transfer knowledge in the conditions of today’s digital realities.

Guests of the “Turan” University from foreign universities will also be able to connect to wireless Internet for free during their visit to Almaty.

Inclusive education

  • At the request of students, the educational process, using distance technologies is organized;
  • At the request of students, special educational needs are taken into account when drawing up the schedule of classes (on the first floor, etc.);
  • There is access to textbooks for studying both in the library and at home, educational and methodological materials are also provided in electronic form;
  • Students with special educational needs are given the opportunity to develop optimal individual educational trajectories;
  • An individual training schedule is drawn up if necessary;
  • Access to the IPR BOOKS Electronic Library System is open.

Inclusive infrastructure

The university has facilities for physical access of people with disabilities:

  • An internal and an external ramp to the stairs
  • Tactile Tile
  • Ablution facilities
  • Tactile symbolic circuit
  • Medical and wellness center
  • Information boards for people with hearing impairment
  • Designated parking lot
  • Elevator adapted for people with disabilities
  • Special headphones for people with hearing impairment
  • Audiobooks, voice recorders

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