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Institute of World Economy and International Relations


The Institute of World Economy and International Relations was created to conduct scientific research and achieve educational goals. The Institute is created as a non-profit organization designed to promote the development of scientific research in the Republic of Kazakhstan with the wide involvement of young scientists and students in magistracy and doctoral studies.

Director: Arupov A.A.

The main tasks of the Institution are:

            1) organization and conduct of scientific research, scientific and technical and experimental work in the field of world economy and international relations, consulting activities; studying the economic situation of foreign countries and preparing forecasts and models of the impact on the Republic of Kazakhstan of the processes occurring in the world;

2) monitoring and analysis of the situation in the world economy to forecast and identify opportunities for the development of the economy of Kazakhstan;

3) analysis of the competitiveness of Kazakhstani products to identify promising sales markets and the formation of mutually beneficial foreign economic and foreign policy ties;

4) study of the country and regional structure of foreign trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

5) scientific expertise of programs, projects, recommendations, other documents and materials on the profile of the work;

6) holding scientific conferences, “round tables” to discuss and develop recommendations on topical issues of the economy and politics of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

7) deepening of professional knowledge, skills and abilities by obtaining additional qualifications; conducting various kinds of practices and internships for students in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral Ph.D.

8) organizing and conducting advanced training and professional retraining;

9) service maintenance of scientific and educational activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan; implementation of educational and methodological literature; printing activity; provision of legal services; trade and procurement activities; lease, sublease of residential and non-residential premises; provision of consulting services;

10) other types of activities not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Main directions of activity:

1) conducting scientific research, experimental and promotional work in promising areas of science, providing consulting and information services to enterprises, organizations, individuals;

2) participation in the implementation of state, sectoral and regional targeted scientific and technical programs and plans;

3) provision of advanced training and retraining of personnel in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

4) organization of publishing activities;

5) organization of cooperation with domestic and foreign partners in matters of advanced training and retraining of employees;

6) attracting additional sources of financial and material resources for the implementation of statutory activities in the manner prescribed by law.

Registered topics:

  • Integration effects of cooperation in the Eurasian Economic Union.
    State registration number – 114RK00380 dated June 24, 2014
  • Kazakhstan model of social and economic development of the state in accordance with the Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050”.
    State registration number – 114RK00381 dated June 24, 2014

Project type: proactive

Executors indicating the place of work:

  1. Abaydullaeva M.M. – University “Turan”
  2. Arupova A.A.
  3. Arupova N.A.


Forecasting the main directions of development of cooperation between states within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union.


Monitoring, assessment and analysis of the integration effects of interaction in the Eurasian Economic Union.


Analysis, assessment and forecasting of the trajectory of socio-economic development of industries, regions and markets within the Eurasian Economic Union.

Expected results:

  • Publication of articles and analytical reports,
  • publication of materials of an international scientific and practical conference,
  • publication of monographs, textbooks and teaching aids,
  • preparation of master’s and doctoral (Ph.D.) dissertations on the functioning and development of the EAEU.

The admissions committee
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