Turan library
Turan library

Culture, Education, and Science for the Benefit of Society

The library is a comfortable working space for students and teachers. It is equipped with a large interactive screen with a tiger-guide mascot of our university. It will talk about the library, its services, resources and projects. The hall is equipped with powerful computers with fast internet connection, which you can use to prepare for classes and exams or do projects.


For undergraduates, doctoral students and teachers there is a scientific office with dissertations, newspapers, scientific journals, publications and foreign literature.


A thematic corner “RUKHANI ZHANGYRU: MANGILIK EL ALYPTARY” is organized in the reading room. It is dedicated to the anniversaries of Akhmet Baitursynuly, Mukhtar Auezov, Gabit Musirepov and Gabiden Mustafin. We have selected excerpts from their works that resonate with the mission of our university.

In the design of the exhibition, unique photographic documents were used, taken from the Central State Archive of Film, Photo Documents and Sound Recordings of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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