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Research work at the University ” Turan ” is carried out by the teaching staff, heads of structural divisions in accordance with long-term plans; doctoral students and undergraduates-in accordance with individual plans for their training; students – in the course of course, diploma projects, other educational and research works provided for by the university’s curricula, in student scientific circles and other organizations of student scientific creativity.


The main purpose of the scientific activity of the University is to organize and conduct fundamental, applied and exploratory research; to use the results obtained in the educational process; to conduct research and development for legal entities and individuals on the basis of civil law contracts.


The main tasks of the scientific activity of the University include:

  • development of fundamental research as a basis for the creation of new knowledge, the formation and development of scientific schools;
  • effective use of the scientific potential of the University to solve current socio-economic problems;
  • creating conditions for the protection of the results of intellectual activity;
  • expansion of scientific cooperation with educational and scientific institutions, other organizations and individuals in order to implement joint scientific projects;
  • research and development of theoretical and methodological foundations for the formation and development of higher and additional professional education, strengthening the influence of science on the solution of educational problems.


  • The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education»;
  • The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Science»;State Program for the Development of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020-2025;
  • State Mandatory Standard of Higher Education;
  • State mandatory standard of Postgraduate Education;

* Rules for accreditation of subjects of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities;

* regulations on the competition ” Best University Teacher»;

* regulations “On the Republican competition of R & D”.




* The Charter of the University;

  • The development strategy of the University “Turan” for 2021-2024;
  • the procedure “Research work»;

* The regulation “On the research work of students of the University “Turan»;

* regulations on the competition “Best Scientist “of Turan»;

* The regulation “On the competition of research papers of students of the University “Turan»;

* personal R & D plans of the teaching staff;

  • research plans of departments;

* calendar of scientific events, thematic research plan and consolidated research plan;

* individual research plans for doctoral and master’s students.


Research work is evaluated according to such criteria as:


  • the amount of research funded;

* amount of research grants;

  • number of patents obtained;

* the number of published scientific articles, including those in journals with a non-zero impact factor;

* citation of scientific articles and monographs of the Faculty, the number of published scientific articles included in the Scopus, Web of Sciene databases;

* cooperation with international organizations and organizations of the CIS countries and the Republic of Kazakhstan;

* the number of doctoral and master’s students who defended their dissertations within the time limit set by individual plans;

  • R & D reports;

* the number of students involved in R & D, the effectiveness of R & D.


Strategic goals and objectives of research work at “Turan”  University.


Goal 1- Consolidation of the image of the university as the leader of innovative and entrepreneurial activity in the region

Task 1 – Formation and promotion of the image of the university as an innovator, of a teacher as a mentor-innovator, of a graduate as an entrepreneur with innovative thinking

Task 2 – Implementation of an open dialogue platform for interaction between university, business, government, and society

Task 3 – Justification of new challenges and promotion of new values of innovative and entrepreneurial development of the university


Goal 2 – Production and sale of scientific and innovative products in the conditions of the formation of the “innovation belt”

Task 1 – Formation of “growth points” of scientific and innovative activity of teaching staff and students

Task 2 – Provision of smart infrastructure and development of digital competencies of teaching staff

Task 3 – Search for alternative financial resources for the implementation of scientific and innovative potential

Goal 3 – Formation of innovative and entrepreneurial behavior and innovation culture

Task 1 – Creating an effective innovation climate for implementing the innovative potential of teaching staff and students

Task 2 – Stimulating active innovation activities of teaching staff and students



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