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Diplomas III degree for students Tourism and Restaurant and Hospitality Business at the VII International Competition “24/7” in AlmaU

Congratulations to the teams of “Turan” University for educational programs “Tourism” and “R&HB”, which took 3rd places in the competition “24/7” on the theme: “Startups: a phenomenon of Kazakhstani hospitality”, held at AlmaU on April 21, 2022.

  • Arina Litvinenko, Daria Knyazeva, and Ivan Losev – team “Fighters for Zero Waste” from the R&GB educational program. Supervisor: Ermolaeva L.L.
  • Karimova Dilyara, Pishenbaev Eduard, Sokolova Sofiya – team “Turan Nomads” from the educational program “Tourism”. Leader: Velichko A.V.

We also want to express gratitude to Asel Zhaiykbekyzy for accompanying the teams!

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