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Research work of students

The staff of the University “Turan” pays great attention to creating conditions for undergraduates and doctoral students and the involvement of students in research work. Themes of dissertations and theses are determined taking into account the interests of students, the scientific priorities of the teaching staff of the department and the relevance of the problems. Topics are discussed at the departments, approved at a meeting of the Academic Council.


Every year, Turan University holds the Turan Innovation contests and, starting in 2019, the Start-up Turan city competition, together with the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs.


To organize the scientific work of students at each department, there are circles and clubs.



Scientific associations of students

Jurisprudence and International Law

Club “Lawyer”


Club «Sezim»

Regional studies and international relations

Club «Diplomat»

Journalism and Translations

Club «Publicist», Translating and interpreting skills

Tourism and Service

Club «Tourist»


Club «Financier»

Accounting and Audit

Club «Accountant-auditor»

World and National Economy

Club «Economist»


Club «Modern manager»

Informational Technology

Club «Network technologies»

Marketing and Logistics

Club «Marketer», «Logistician».

Turan Film Academy

Photo club «Medeo», intellectual club «Turan», academic theatre «Turan»

Computer and software engineering

Club «Innovative educational technologies»

Radio engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications

Student design bureau

Throughout the history of the university, the republican scientific-practical conference “Zhas-Turan” is held every year, in which young teachers, doctoral students, undergraduates and students from different universities of Kazakhstan take part.

At the end of 2019, the Scientific and Innovative Council (SIC) was created at the Turan University to coordinate the scientific and innovative activities of the teaching staff and students.


In 2019, the departments held 50 scientific events for students.

Turan University provides an opportunity for students to participate in international youth activities aimed at developing professional and analytical skills. Within the framework of such events, the Model UN conference and the ENACTUS program function.

More than 200 students became winners at conferences, olympiads in Kazakhstan, CIS countries and far abroad.


Such approaches ensured the inclusion of 100% of students in the students’ research activities (publications, participation in conferences and scientific competitions, development of scientific projects, writing term papers, theses, dissertations, etc.).

The admissions committee
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