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Code – 6В04106 Finance


Period of study:


  • 4 years after school
  • 3 years after college


Finance is one of the most prestigious majors of our time. What company does not seek to increase its capital, develop effective strategies in the process of upgrading its business and build a reliable financial basis? To do this, the company simply needs a strong, highly qualified financier. The main component of this major is to train competent specialists who are able to work effectively in a market economy and taking into account the specifics of the country’s situation. The functions of a financier include: the ability to be well versed in financial management, banking, loans, insurance, financial management; to know the basics of the organization of monetary regulation, the relationship between different parts of the money turnover, the basics of banking and stock exchange business, the basics of the organization of taxation and insurance, etc.


Financier is one of the most difficult, but popular and highly paid professions.

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