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International Relations


Code – 6В03101 International Relations


Period of study:


  • 4 years after school
  • 3 years after college


A specialist in the field of international relations is someone who has the necessary information in the development of one or more areas of a region or country. The areas are divided into economic, political, ideological, cultural, legal, diplomatic, etc. This specialization provides a wide range of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, an international specialist should know world politics, history of international relations and diplomacy, study international conflicts, as well as the basics of international security. During the training, students master necessary competences, learn how to create diplomatic documents, work on draft agreements and contracts.


International relations is a major that carries a close relationship of many areas, teaches students various important professional skills, while STEM Business School, combining all the necessary skills, will produce a high-class specialist ready to work in any large international company.

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