IInternational relations STEM



Are you interested in politics? Do you know a lot about international affairs? Would you like to know the rules and regulations of the diplomatic protocol? Are you interested in learning foreign languages?


If your answer to most of these questions is “yes” – of course, you should consider the possibility of an education in the specialty “International Relations”.


Students study the history and theory of international relations, world politics, history of diplomacy, fundamentals of international security, international conflicts.


The acquired knowledge, as well as the study of one Western and one eastern language, will help graduates to realize the tasks of Kazakhstan, its companies and firms entering the international arena.


Form of education and study period:
Full-time (after school) 4 years
After college 3 years


Specialty code: «6В03101- International relationships»

UNT elective subjects:

after school: Foreign language+ History
after college: Geography + World History
Academic degrees: Bachelor of Humanities
Compulsory and elective subjects
  • Diplomatic and consular services
  • The technique of conducting diplomatic negotiations
  • Diplomatic documentation
  • Foreign policy of The Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Multilateral diplomacy
  • Modern problems of International relations
  • Kazakhstan and The UN
  • Globalization and geopolitics
  • Globalization and International security
  • Religious extremism issues in modern international relations
  • The role of Central Asia in geopolitics system
  • Chinese for specialists in international connections
  • Turkish for specialists in international connections
  • National security and International relations
  • External political initiatives of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the leader of the nation N.A. Nazarbayev
  • Political processes in Eurasia
Our partners
  • “Arel” University (Turkey)
  • Orientalism Institute of Suleymenov R. of Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • «The Future Is in the Hands of the Youth» International Fund
  • «Center of Science Information and Policy Research» LLP
International programs
  • Arel” University (Turkey)
  • “Kastamonu” University (Turkey)
  • “Zittau/Görlitz” University (Germany)
  • The Eastern Mediterranean University (Nicosia, The Northern Cyprus)


Our students go on internships, summer schools of our partners. Also participate in the volunteer project AISEC, in the project of the Turkish government Mevlana.


Students develop professional skills by participating in Model United Nations. During these conferences, constructive discussions are organized on issues of particular relevance today.

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