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Code – 6В11301 –  Logistics


Period of study:


  • 4 years after school
  • 3 years after college


Logistics is a major of the XXI century.


Day by day the demand for logisticians is increasing. This is a unique major that combines the skills of future experts in various areas of the company’s activities. A logistician is a specialist who collaborates with almost all other departments and contributes to the effective solution of issues at all stages of cargo handling.


The work of the logistician ranges from communication with customers and suppliers to direct technical work with the goods.


Rationalization of all emerging issues and ways to solve them, organization and coordination of the warehouse, transport services, inventory management, negotiations with other specialists. A professional in the field of logistics is an indispensable link in the mechanism of any large company.


Advantages of studying Logistics in English


Working for a large international company is now more of a reality than a dream. Studying at STEM Business School, not only will you acquire necessary theoretical knowledge in the field of  specialty, but also develop language skills to the required level, which has become a basic requirement of any innovative company. And the main bonus is that you get the experience which is shared by industry specialists, because throughout your training process you will be coordinated by industry specialists and successful top managers of large international companies.

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