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International relations

Academic degree: 


6В03101 – Bachelor of Humanities

7M03101, 7M03105 – master of humanities



  • 4 years w/ secondary education (full-time),
  • 3 years w/ secondary professional (full-time, part-time),
  • 2 years w/ higher education (part-time, e-learning)


Students study modern processes of international relations, international political, military, economic conflicts, development problems and tendencies of world politics and national security of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Received knowledge, the western language and one Eastern language will help graduates to realize Kazakhstan’s goals on international arena.


Eductional programs:


  • Internship programs abroad for students with good grades
  • Science courses in English
  • Language club that helps students to improve their English, Chinese, Turkish
  • Leading foreign professors
  • Professors with extensive work experience in Embassies of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Participation in University’s projects and its partners (MUN, AISEC, Mevlana)
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