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Scientific Research Institute of Law at the University “Turan”


Date of creation: April 11, 2017


Director: Doctor of Law, Professor Akimzhanov Talgat Kurmanovich


Purpose of activity:


Organization and conduct of fundamental and applied scientific research on the most important problems of legal sciences, contributing to the legal, economic, social and cultural development of Kazakhstan.




  1. Unification of scientists, university faculty and other organizations into working initiative groups for research.

  2. Promoting the development and improvement of education in the field of legal sciences.

  3. Research activities, development and implementation of scientific programs and projects, promotion of scientific achievements.

  4. Provision of highly qualified services in the scientific field of legal sciences.

  5. Active participation in the formation and implementation of state legal, scientific, technical and innovation policy.


  6. Implementation of international scientific relations, assistance in the development of international cooperation in the field of scientific and innovative activities.

  7. Organization of international scientific and practical conferences, round tables.

  8. Realization of exhibition, informational, publishing and advertising activities

Main directions of activity:


  1. Rendering all possible assistance to the successful development of legal sciences in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  2. Implementation of the most important promising research and scientific developments, the introduction of the results of scientific activities into law enforcement practice.
  3. Development of scientific and innovative activities and professional consolidation of scientists, teachers, researchers in the field of law.
  4. Strengthening the connection between science, production (law enforcement practice), educational activities.
  5. Increasing the public prestige of scientific activity in the field of law, status and social protection of employees of legal science and education

Registered topics:


Problems of further strengthening statehood and improving the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the implementation of five presidential reforms in the context of a new political course

No. 0116 RK00062 12.02.2016


Project type: initiative


Leader: Doctor of Law, Professor Zhanuzakova Leila Telmanovna


Executors with  indicating the place of work:


  1. Akimzhanov T. K. D. yu.n., prof.

  2. Suleimenova S. Zh., Doctor of Law, prof.

  3. Alaeva G. T., Candidate of Law, Associate Professor

  4. Rekhson S. N. PhD, Associate Professor

  5. Sarina S. A. Candidate of Law, Associate Professor

  6. Dzhumabaeva K. A. Doctor PhD

  7. Stamkulova G. A. Candidate of Law, Associate Professor

  8. Zhumanbayeva N. A. Candidate of Law, Associate Professor

  9. Abaykyzy M. All performers work at the University “Turan”

  10. Askarova M. M., M. yu. n.

  11. Tazabekov M. K.

    All performers work at the University «Turan»

Implementation period:


2016-2021 (by the decision of the Department and the Research Institute of Law of December 28, 2020, the topic was extended for one year due to the conditions of the pandemic and the rejection of the new Concept of legal policy)




In this study, based on the study of legal literature, legislation and materials of law enforcement practice, problems in the theoretical understanding of the issues under consideration, contradictions, gaps and other shortcomings in legal regulation have been identified. On this basis, appropriate recommendations have been made.



Analysis of current problems of constitutional, administrative and criminal law, criminology and forensic expertise, other branches of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of the implementation of the Concept of legal policy



  • study of the legal nature of the studied concepts and phenomena;

  • study of legislation on the issues under study;

  • analysis of materials of law enforcement practice;

  • identification of the corresponding patterns in the development of certain legal phenomena;

  • development of a new conceptual apparatus;

  • preparation of proposals and recommendations for improving legislation and law enforcement practice.

Expected results:


Development in the light of the Concept of legal policy, messages of the President to the people of Kazakhstan and other strategic documents of the problems:

  • theory of law, including the law-making process and legislation on legal acts;
  •  constitutional law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including human and civil rights and freedoms, strengthening the institutions of local self-government in Kazakhstan;
  • administrative law and public administration, including in matters of public service and public services
  • topical issues of criminal law and the improvement of criminal legislation;
  • criminology and forensic activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • civil law and process and other branches of legislation. …

Based on the results of the study, it is planned to test the results in scientific publications of the members of the research group, develop recommendations for improving legislation, and introduce the results into the educational process when teaching academic disciplines.

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