Olympiad «Turan Smart Skills»

The purpose of the Olympiad – identification of the most gifted and talented college students and realization of their creative potential.


Tasks of the Olympiad:


  • development of the creative potential of college students, increasing the prestige of college specialties;
  • identification of students’ ability to independent professional activity, improvement of skills of effective solution of professional tasks, development of professional thinking, ability to design their activities and constructive analysis of errors in professional activity, stimulating students to further professional and personal development, increasing interest in future professional activity;
  • development of professional orientation of young people.

According to the results of the competition, the best students are awarded: 1, 2, 3 places. The winners are awarded with diplomas and discounts for the full-time department of the first year of study at the University “Turan” (according to the results of the UNT / essay no less than 40 points).

Colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan Turan College

(additional, cumulative discount)

1st place – 50% 1st place – 7-15 %
2nd place – 30% 2nd place – 7-15 %
3rd place – 15% 3rd place – 7-15 %

Final year students who wish to enroll in the following educational programs are invited to participate in the Olympiad:

Translation business



Information systems

International relations

Regional studies

World economy


Accounting and auditing





International law


State and local government

The Olympiad is held in two stages:

The overall assessment of each participant consists of an assessment of his theoretical knowledge and the ability to apply knowledge in practice.


The Olympiad will be held from April 5 to 22, 2022.


To participate, you must fill out an application by the link before April 1, 2022.


Phone number for communication with the organizers: 260-40-17 ext.1211, turan_nauka@turan-edu.kz, Jamalova Gauhar Galimzhanovna – Assistant Vice-Rector for Strategic Development, Science and Innovation.

The admissions committee