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«Turan-Zerde» Association

The Association was formed for the purpose of mutual cooperation of  Turan University graduates in the field of realization and protection of cultural, creative, material, and social rights and freedoms of  its members, development of  activity and amateur  activities, and satisfaction of professional and amateur interests.


The main objectives of the Association are:


  • Association of graduates for implementation of statutory tasks;
  • assistance in improving the professional level of graduates and students of the University “Turan»;
  • attracting students and young professionals to implement projects on the orders of both participants of the Association and other firms and companies;
  • holding annual meetings for graduates of the University “Turan”


The main activities of the Association are:


  • protection and representation of the interests of the Association’s participants;
  • professional development through meetings, conferences, seminars, and trainings;
  • providing legal assistance to the population, small businesses and members of the Association;
  • joint activities with related organizations and other organizations for the development of the rule of law in Kazakhstan;
  • research activities;
  • publication of information materials, results of research activities, conference materials, reviews of the Association’s activities;
  • participation in charitable activities.


The Turan-Zerde alumni Association was organized on the initiative of Turan University graduates in 1998. In 2002, the Association received a certificate From the Department of justice of the city of Almaty on state registration of a legal entity. Members of Turan-Zerde are all graduates of the Lyceum, College, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs, who receive a certificate of Association member upon graduation.


Members of the Turan-Zerde Alumni Association may receive benefits for services of the Turan Corporation *


Benefits of Turan University are provided subject to payment of the annual membership fee.

For more information, please contact the office at 16A Satpayev street, Turan University, office 709, Almaty


Phone number: 8 727 260 40 00


  1. Discounts on tuition fees:
    • at the Turan Lyceum ( for children 5%);
    • at Turan College (10% for graduates and their children, 5% for close relatives%);
    • at Turan University, bachelor’s and master’s degrees (10% for graduates and their children, 5% for close relatives for each year of study);
  2. Discounts for paying for holidays in TAU-Turan (up to 10%)
  3. Free use of the reading room (from 9.00 to 18.00) and the electronic library (24/7)
  4. Free use of the aerobics hall, dance hall, gym, football field (only for graduates of the University “Turan”, according to the schedule);
  5. Discounts in payment for training courses, trainings conducted by the University (up to 10%)
  6. Possibility to hold presentations, round tables, seminars in the University’s classrooms and halls on special terms (rent of premises up to 10% discount).
  7. Opportunity to become a founder or mentor in the Turan business incubator (free of charge for 1 year).


You have the opportunity to leave current contact information in order to know of the annual meetings of graduates of  Turan Corporation

Our best graduates
Askar Kuanyshevich Umarov

Minister of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Mirzagaliyev Magzum Maratovich

Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Ilyin Yury Victorovich

Minister for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Marzhikpayev Yermek Boranbayevich

Akim of Akmola region, holder of the "Kurmet" order, titles "Honorary worker of tourism of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "Best entrepreneur".

Abdraimov Galimzhan Railovich

Akim of Taldykorgan , academician of the International Academy of Informatization

Zhyuriktayev Berik Kuanishbekovich

Prosecutor of Almaty

Birtanov Yeszhan Amantayevich

Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honored Employee of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Salimov Timur Rafkhatovich

Managing Director of Halyk Global Markets JSC (subsidiary JSC Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan).

Zhaksybek Shyngys

Chairman of the Board of JSC "Kazcommerce Security".

Uzbekov Askhat Arkhatovich

Managing Director - financial controller of JSC Kazakhtelecom ; chief financial director of JSC Kazakhtelecom

Abdraim (Abdraimov) Bakytzhan Zharylkasynovich

Honorary Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Academician of the Academy of Law Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Laws, Professor

Nadyrov Kamalzhan Talgatovich

Rector of Astana Medical University

Abdykadyrova Dzhamilya Yusupzhanovna

Director of the Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Zhumanuly Kenzhe

Chief editor of the literary portal ""

Livinskaya Natalia Igoryevna

Head of the Green Economy Department of Almaty

Zimin Maksim Andreyevich

General Director of LLP "Master Park", President of the Rafting Federation of Kazakhstan

Osipova Anna

Managing Director of the group of companies "Accounting"

Sarsenov Maksim Malikovich

Chairman of the Association of Kazakhstan Automotive Business. Member of the Nur Otan Party, the Bolashak Association, the Youth Council of the Akimat of Almaty. Founder of the taxi business "EcoTaxi"

Margatsky Roman Vladimirovich

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor , Director of the Representative Office of the Dutch investment company Schildershoven Finance in Kazakhstan

Selezneva Irina Vladimirovna

Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of “Finance” of “Turan” University, holder of the title of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RK "The best teacher of the university" (2009, 2014).

Suleimanov Adil

Business Development Director Pony Express Russia, CEO Pony Express Kazakhstan

Verkholantsev Vladimir Vladimirovitch

Director of Business Development in the field of healthcare "InformConsulting».

Maimakov Yeldos Ramazanovich

Head of the Board of JSC Ensuring Activities Center of the National Bank of Kazakhstan

Abdrasilova Raikhan Serikbayevna

Deputy General Director for Human Resources, CNPC International in Kazakhstan LLP

Kobrina Alla Aleksandrovna

Director of the art studio "MART"

Kistanov Vitaliy

Cinematography and TV director, producer, director of IE "Vit-Film-Co".

Tulentayeva Asem Deisebayevna

Technical Director of JSC "Agency" Khabar ".

The admissions committee
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