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Doctorate PhD

The PhD Program of Turan University provides elite training for the highest scientific qualification specialists in the scientific, scientific-pedagogical, industrial and innovative fields of activity.


The education is given by highly qualified teaching staff, including invited foreign professors from leading foreign universities.


Preparation of a doctoral dissertation is combined with high scientific activity: PhD students have the opportunity to participate in GUESSS project – a global project to study entrepreneurial sentiments among students (Turan University – the basic university for research in Kazakhstan), as well as in Triple Helix projects (Turan University heads the representative office of the International Triple Helix Association in Kazakhstan).


The university has dissertation councils for defending PhD theses in the specialties “Economics. Management. Finance”, “Psychology”, “Jurisprudence”.


PhD students undergo scientific training at leading foreign universities and research and educational centers.


All Phd students have opportunity to publish the scientific research results in the university’s periodical – scientific journal “Bulletin of the Turan University, which is included in the list of publications recommended by Monitoring Committee on Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RK for the scientific results publication. In addition, the university annually holds international scientific conferences. Scientific collections of the materials are registered in the Book Chamber of the RK with ISBN. The university has a research department, which has information on scientific conferences at various levels, both in Kazakhstan and abroad.


Field of study Qualified field Educational programmes Specialization
8D03  Social sciences, journalism and information 8D031

Social studies

Psychology Practical psychology
Social Psychology
8D04 Business, management and law 8D041 Business and management Economics Economics
Management Management
Finance Finance
8D042 Law Jurisprudence Jurisprudence
International law



Directions and period of PHD study


Mode: Full-time


Duration: 3 years


Languages of Study: Kazakh, Russian, English


Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Entrance exam materials



Entrance Exam Topics



Entrance Exam Topics



Entrance Exam Topics



Entrance Exam Topics



Entrance Exam Topics


Acceptance of the documents


1 stage

From 3 July to 3 August of this year, submit the necessary package of documents to the admissions committee.


PhD degree admission package:


  • Application addressed to the Rector.
  • A copy of the identity document.
  • The original of the document on higher education (the original is provided for verification).
  • International certificate confirming knowledge of a foreign language.
  • Medical certificate form 075/U (approved by order No. ҚР DSM-175/2020).
  • Photos 3×4 (6 pieces).
  • Personal sheet of personnel records or other document confirming labor activity, certified by the personnel service at the place of work.
  • List of scientific and scientific-methodical works (scientific publications, research plan, essays and other documents) for the last 3 calendar years.


The original documents shall be submitted with the copies of documents to be verified.
The original documents are returned after the verification.
Persons who have received documents on education in foreign educational organizations must go through the procedure for recognition or nostrification of documents. Documents on higher education in a foreign languages must have notarized translation into Kazakh / Russian.


2 stage

Entrance exams are held from August 4 to August 20, admission – until August 28.


The format of the entrance exam: an essay on approved topics, a test for readiness to study in  PhD program and exams on the profile of the educational program. The entrance exam for groups of educational programs of the doctoral program will be conducted in electronic format through the testing centers.



The passing score for admission to the doctoral program under the state educational order is 75 points.

The passing score for admission to the doctoral program on a paid basis is 50 points.


Admission requirments


A Master’s degree and at least 9 months’ work experience. 

Applicants provide international certificates confirming knowledge of a foreign language in accordance with the common European competences (standards) of foreign language proficiency:

English: German: French:
IELTS – at least 5.5; DSH (Niveau В2/level В2); TFI – not lower than B2 level in reading and listening sections;
IELTS INDICATOR – at least 5.5; TestDaF-Prufung (Niveau В2/level В2). DELF – level B2;
TOEFL ITP – at least 460 points; DALF – level В2;
TOEFL IBT – at least 46; TCF – at least 50 points.
TOEFL PBT – at least 453.


Pre-requisite programmes on educational programmes


Upon admission to the Doctorate in the event of any mismatches of the educational program profile of Phd studies the Master’s program, pre-requisites for mastering are set for the doctoral candidate.


Applicants are allowed to master them on their own and pass exams on a fee basis after passing the entrance exams. Prerequisite programs for Phd education programs are developed with the relevant departments.


List and program of prerequisites for doctoral education programs

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