For those who believe in himself and strive for success!


TURAN TOASTMASTERS CLUB invites you to participate in weekly meetings where you can improve your English level through practice in a friendly atmosphere


Turan Toastmasters Club is

  • an excellent platform for practice and communication in English
  • a real friendly atmosphere where each participant is appreciated and respected
  • great place to practice public speaking
  • a popular place to learn leadership skills
  • source of your motivation, determination and inspiration

 During the meetings of the Turan Toastmasters Club, you will learn how to:

  • develop a plan for your speech
  • hone your writing skills
  • understand the benefits of structure and order
  • learn to manage your time effectively
  • find out the strength of your voice
  • learn the rules for excellent pronunciation
  • learn the power of words and phrases
  • learn the power of true inspiration
  • learn the power of teamwork
  • learn the power of critical thinking
  • find out the power of critical positive assessment
  • learn the power of self-improvement

Turan Toastmasters Club has a friendly environment where you have a great opportunity to practice your presentation skills in English, which is of high importance today. You will familiarize yourself with some elements of correct writing in a written form, with critical thinking, vocal diversity and the ability to control voice modulations, the ability to move correctly on the podium and monitor your body, creativity, essay structure and much more!

Classes will be held at the University of Turan on Saturdays in the auditorium 207 at 13:30-15:30

Curator of the project Turan Toastmasters Club

Yadykar Abdirakhmanova


тел.: +7 (701) 60 737 60, +7(707) 807 99 25

Turan Toastmasters Club registration

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Turan University, 16A Satpayev street, office 319

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