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Academic degree: bachelor’s degree



– 4 years after secondary education
– 3 years after secondary professional education
– 3 years after higher education


A bachelor’s degree in Acting can perform the following types of professional activities:

creative: performing roles in theater, cinema, television, acting as a soloist, singing in an ensemble, choir, acting as a host of radio and television programs;

educational (pedagogical): conduct training in special subjects in secondary and vocational schools, set and solve pedagogical and creative tasks, introduce new methods and forms of teaching;

production and management: manage creative teams, cultural departments, structural divisions of secondary professional educational institutions, creative studios;

project: develop creative projects in the field of theatrical art, organize and conduct festivals and competitions;

research: to study the problems of domestic and foreign acting.


The «Acting» educational program prepares competitive, highly qualified and competent film and drama theater actors who are capable, under the direction of the director, of preparing and playing roles in films and dramatic performances of various genres that have the skills to act as assistant director. The program is supported by well-equipped training studios that provide practical skills in the field of acting. Classes will be held by Honored Art Workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan and leading directors.


Subjects of professional activity:

– roles in theater, film, and television;

– creative work on radio, television, Philharmonic, creative foundations, enterprises;

– management of theater and creative groups;

– teaching in secondary professional educational institutions of culture and art, schools.


Actual and exclusive courses:

– Mastery of the actor and stage movement
– Acting technique
– Mastery of the actor
– Stage speech in drama theater and cinema
– Plastic in the play and cinema
– Plastic role drawing
– Director’s work with the actor

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