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Information systems

Academic degree: Bachelor, Master


Duration of study:

– 4 years after secondary education (full-time)
– 3 years after secondary professional (full-time,)
– 2 years after higher education (remotely)


The present century of developed information technologies presents new requirements in the labor market, and today IT specialists, graduates of the specialty “Information Systems”, have become one of the leaders in demand. Our main goal is to prepare IT specialists who are competitive in the modern market and to give students the best, new and high-quality knowledge.


Eductional programs:

– Blockchain technology
– “1C in business” + 1C certified courses
– Business application development
– Configuration of information systems
– Setting up distributed databases
– Automation of enterprises of all forms of ownership
– Database integration with web resources (optional)
– Mobile application development (optional)
– knowledge of IT threats, cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities
– knowledge of how to defend against attacks.
– familiarization with the latest trends in the labor market with the cyber security segment


Current and exclusive course:

– Oracle Database 11g
– Certified disciplines from 1C
– Reengineering business processes based on modern IT
– Parallel Programming – MPI, CUDA, Intel
– Information Security and Information Protection
– IP Reliability
– Web Development
– Mobile Application Development
– Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
– Internet of things
– Development of corporate and global networks
– Software Design
– Development of networks of small and medium enterprises

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