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World economics

The specialty “World Economy” is one of the most interesting, prestigious and at the same time difficult specialties in the economic sphere. The profession of an international economist at all times was considered elite, highly paid, prestigious.


Academic Degree: Bachelor


Training period:

-4 years after secondary education

-3 years after secondary vocational education

-2 years after higher education


Within the framework of the specialty “World Economy” you are offered the following narrow areas of study for the acquisition of special knowledge and skills in the field of the world economy:


  1. International trade and economic relations
  • examines the movement of prices in world commodity markets and makes forecasts;
  • various areas of professional services for entrepreneurial activity are being studied (support of international transactions, the choice of methods and tools for conducting foreign economic operations, the implementation of business interaction with government authorities, including customs control);
  • legal regulation of international trade (elimination of barriers to access of Kazakhstani goods and services to world markets, protection of the relevant markets of our country).

2. International financial and credit relations

  • servicing foreign economic, monetary and financial and entrepreneurial activities;
  • ensuring the formation and use of information on assets, liabilities, income and expenses of enterprises, organizations and institutions;
  • rational organization of financial and economic relations of objects.


Current courses:

  • World economy
  • Negotiation techniques
  • International business
  • International Banking System
  • International Trade Markets
  • Foreign financial markets
  • World information resources and the networked economy
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