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Computer facilities and software

Academic degree: bachelor degree, magistracy


Training term:

– 4 years after secondary education (internally)
– 3 years after an average professional (internally, remote)
– 2 years after the highest (remote)
– 2 years (scientific and pedagogical direction)
– 1 year and 1.5 years (profile direction)


Students of specialty “ADP Equipment and Software” have knowledge in the field of the information theory, architecture of the computer, the organization of computing systems, bases of the database, the system software, a computer and engineering graphics, Internet – technologies, computer networks, numerical methods, models and methods of management of mathematical methods in economy, the economic theory, operating systems, work benches of development of programs, interfaces of computer systems.

All graduates of specialty “ADP Equipment and Software” of “Computer and Program Engineering” department find a job and successfully work in the large companies of Kazakhstan and abroad in quality: system and application programmers, system administrators, specialists in design (attending) of program and information systems, web designers.


Eductional programs:

– Program engineering

– Administration of systems and networks


Disciplines obligatory and elective (for choice):

– Information and communication technologies (in English)
– Algorithmization and programming
– Electronics
– Architecture and organization of computer systems
– Digital circuitry
– System programming
– Tools of development of programs

– Bases of operating systems
– Databases
– Methods and security features of computer information
– Technology multimedia
– Development of mobile applications
– Systems of an artificial intelligence
– Web technologies
– Administration of networks on the MS Windows Server platform
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