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Studying Finance enables you to obtain knowledge in public and private finance, banking and insurance, cash turnover (money circulation), financial management, securities market, taxation etc.


Академическая степень: бакалавр экономики и бизнеса, магистр наук по финансам, степень доктора PhD


Study period:

  • 4 years after secondary education
  • 3 years after vocational/secondary-specialized education
  • 2 years after higher education (for second higher education)


Many of famous billionaires are financiers, and this is no coincidence – who can know more about money? This profession is always well paid and prestigious. Graduates of this specialization field must have a good understanding of financial management, insurance, crediting, pricing and many other aspects.

In this program students will learn about financial models and tools, study the processes of formation and fulfillment of budgets at different levels, the order of planning accounting and reporting procedures, organization and management of cash flows of the company and risk management, acquire practical skills in finance and business.


The Master’s program is aimed at preparing a new generation of leaders capable of ensuring sustainable development of the company in an innovative economy.


Master’s studies in the specialty “finance” will expand the horizon of opportunities and provide a chance to get an interesting and highly paid position.


Graduates with a master’s degree in finance specialize in accounting and financial matters, managing cash flows of companies in the real and financial sectors. Training in the Master’s program on this program provides the necessary knowledge and skills for the work of senior managers, and also qualifies for work in other areas of business in the field of financial management, banking business.


Master of Science in Finance is a necessary degree for accelerated advancement in the career ladder in finance.


Doctoral PhD in Finance is a professional educational program of postgraduate education for the training of PhD doctors of international level for scientific, educational and entrepreneurial activities – the business elite of modern financial science.


The program is aimed at preparing a qualitatively new generation of financial managers with key competencies, modern technologies and financial management tools.


The degree of doctor PhD will open to you new career opportunities in the Kazakhstan and financial world markets.


PhD is a degree that will allow you to contribute to financial science. Exactly your research can become an important link in solving modern issues of financial science and practice.


Актуальные курсы:




  • Project management
  • Financial instruments and financial services
  • English (certified course)
  • World financial markets
  • Strategic banking management
  • Financial management (advanced course)
  • Tax consulting
  • Tax audit




  • Research management
  • Business risks insurance
  • Modern strategic analysis
  • Current trends in Kazakhstan business
  • Financial Dealing
  • Islamic financial instruments
  • The theory and methodology of modern finance
  • Foreign management experience
  • The theory and practice of modern leadership
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