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Intelligent robotics


In modern times, the use of robots is increasingly embracing manufacturing and industry. But “teaching” robots to think for themselves is incredibly interesting, although very difficult. Such specialists in our Republic, except for us, are not yet trained by any UNIVERSITY! Our goal is to train IT specialists who can work with both robots and information technologies!


Academic degree: bachelor’s degree


Duration of study:

– 4 years after secondary education (full-time)
– 3 years after secondary professional education (full-time; remote)
– 2 years after higher education (remotely)


Intelligent robotics aims to train specialists to manage robots and develop software for them. We provide unique knowledge for use in the field of artificial intelligence, robotics, and information systems.

Our students study programming, computer graphics, network administration, mobile app and website development, artificial intelligence, and robot management. At the same time, we also focus on changes in the market –business lessons are also an important part of our training.


Current and exclusive course:

– Software for mechatronic and robotic systems
– Robotic operating systems
– Programming of robotic systems
– Technical vision
– Recognition system
– Organization of a comprehensive business security system
– Industrial robot control systems
– Intelligent control of robots
– it-business
– Entrepreneurship and business models in the Internet
– Internet entrepreneurship

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