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Public relations

PR manager is a profession of the new millennium, which opens up great opportunities for rapid career growth and is in great demand in the modern world.


“PR is not a profession, it is a lifestyle.” It really is! After all, a person who has devoted himself to this activity must have creativity, extraordinary creative thinking, be able to work in a team, organize a team, be patient and persistent.


  • A public relations specialist can work in a wide variety of areas, not limited to any one area. Among the activities of a PR specialist, it is worth noting such as:
    development and thinking through PR-concepts,
  • study of the features of projects and their implementation,
  • analysis of the target audience, selection of the most optimal information channels,
    maintaining and building partnerships with relevant media working with internal communications – developing the corporate spirit in the company,
  • creating a special microclimate for its effective activity;
  • conclusion of contracts for the development and placement of plots, text information, audio clips, organization of press conferences resolution of various conflict situations and much more


It is in connection with such a wide range of activities that a qualified specialist must have serious knowledge in various fields, constantly be interested in innovations in the media sphere, gain new experience and try to use the most non-standard approach in his work.


Academic degree: bachelor


Study period:

  • 4 years after secondary education
  • 3 years after secondary vocational education
  • 2 years after higher education


Educational programs:

  • PR in business (public relations specialists in the field of business work in advertising or marketing structural divisions of enterprises, are engaged in advertising, marketing, promotion of a product or service, create an attractive image of a product, form a company’s image among the public),
  • Political PR (Political PR specialists work in government structures and are engaged in public relations, provide information to the public about the activities of these institutions and their officials. They can hold the positions of a press secretary, heads of press centers)


Features of the program:

  • Master classes by professionals
  • Own TV studio
  • Website
  • Newspaper-magazine “STUDiYA”
  • TV channel “TURAN CHANNEL” link to source
  • Research laboratory “TURAN LINGUA”
  • Current specializations
  • Additional language modules
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