Public relations




PR manager is a profession of the new millennium, which opens up great opportunities for rapid career growth and is in great demand in the modern world. 


“PR is not a profession, it is a lifestyle.” It really is! After all, a person who has devoted himself to this activity must have creativity, extraordinary creative thinking, be able to work in a team, organize and motivate the team, be patient and persistent. And, of course, sociable! 


Code: 6В03202 


Description of the program


A public relations specialist can work in a variety of areas, not being limited to any one direction. Among the activities of a PR specialist, it is worth noting such as:


  • developing and thinking through PR concepts, 
  • studying the features of projects and their implementation, 
  • analyzing the target audience, choosing the most optimal information channels, 
  • maintaining and establishing partnerships with the relevant media,
  • working with internal communications – development of corporate spirit in the company, creation of a special microclimate for its effective activity,
  • conclusion of contracts for the development and placement of stories, text information, audio clips, organization of press conferences, 
  • resolution of various conflict situations and much more.


It is in connection with such a wide range of activities that a qualified specialist must have serious knowledge in various fields, constantly be interested in innovations in the media sector, gain new experience and try to use the most non-standard approach in his work. 


Conditions of admission


Admission is conducted at full-time and remote departments. Enrollment for the program is carried out for state, internal grants and paid places.


Duration of study:

  • 4 years after secondary education
  • 3 years after secondary vocational education
  • 2 years after higher education 


Two creative exams 


  • Written exam – essay on a free topic
  • Oral exam – presentation A 
  • portfolio is encouraged (your achievements and your own journalistic materials)


Program features


  • Practice-oriented training
  • Academic mobility
  • Use of innovative learning technologies
  • Practicing in various media in Kazakhstan (editorial offices of newspapers, magazines, TV channels, radio, information portals, etc.)
  • Knowledge of foreign languages ​​after the end of the program
  • Preparation and 95% employment of competitive graduates.


Features of the program


Training involves a great practical component.


STUDIA newspaper-magazine




Research laboratory “TURAN LINGUA”




Topical and exclusive courses


  • Theory and practice of public relations
  • PR and mass communication
  • PR technologies
  • Advertising
  • Imageology
  • Country branding and international PR
  • Oratory
  • Organization of PR projects
  • Situational analysis in PR
  • Marketing research in PR
  • Internet marketing
  • Consulting in PR
  • Anti-crisis PR
  • Corporate and social PR
  • Basics neuromarketing
  • Conflict
  • mythologization information space
  • Faktcheking
  • Lingvobezopasnost mediatext
  • PR-publication of
  • Creative thinking


Our partners


  • Nizhny Novgorod State University. Lobachevsky
  • Volgograd State University
  • Pomor Academy in Slupsk (Poland)
  • International Triple Helix Association
  • Ankara University Haji Bayram Veli, Turkey
  • Kastamonu University, Turkey
  • Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University named after Yeltsin
  • NASO (National Association for Public Relations)
  • KFW (International Project “Kazakhstan Fashion Week”)
  • Central Asian Bureau of Analytical Journalism 
  •          (Project of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR)
  • International Center for Journalism Media Net 
  • International Association of Producers of Goods and Services “ExpoBest”
  • TV channels “Yuzhnaya Stolitsa”, “Kazakhstan”, “Khabar”, “MIR”, CPC
  • Publishing house “Partners Media group” – these are 6 international publications: Harper’s BAZAAR, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Robb Report , Men’s Health and Good Housekeeping, as well as 5 Internet projects:,,,,
  • Kazakhstan Today Information Agency
  • Multimedia information and analytical portal “”
  • Newspaper “Almaty akshamy”, “Ana tili”, “Asken Air”, “Zhas Kazak” and other mass media


Our graduates work: 


  • in the departments of public relations and PR-agencies;
  • in the press services of government agencies, corporations and public organizations;
  • in advertising agencies; 
  • in SMM-agencies (Social Media Marketing);
  • in publishing houses;
  • in the editorial offices of news agencies and print media, television and radio, news portals and Internet resources;
  • in international organizations and cultural institutions
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