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Dissertation Councils

There are three Dissertation Councils at Turan University:

Dissertation Council for Educational Programs in 8D04101 (6D050600) Economics, 8D04102 (6D050700) Management, 8D04103 (6D050900) Finance.

Dissertation Council for the Educational Program in 8D03101 (6D050300) Psychology.

Dissertation Council for the Educational Program in 8D04201 (6D030100) Jurisprudence.

Announcements of defense
Date Name Scientific direction
29.03.2022 Sanaliyeva Laura 6D050600, 8D04101 – Economy
22.02.2023 Ainakul Nazym 6D050700 – Management
26.12.2022 Osmanova G.Zh. 6D030100 – Jurisprudence
07.09.2022 Serikkyzy Aysara 6D050600 – Economy
20.05.2022 Alimbetova A.R. 6D030100 – Jurisprudence
8.9.2021 Mustafaeva B.U. 6D050600 – Economy
26.05.2021 Mukhamedzhanova A.A. 6D050600 – Economy
28.04.2021 Bulent Sh. 6D050700 – Management
10.02.2021 Bubeev M.S. 6D050900 – Finance
23.12.2020 Turgumbaeva A.M. 6D050300 – Psychology
20.11.2020 Dzhumabayeva K.A. 6D030100 – Jurisprudence
Dissertation Council Documents
The admissions committee
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