Application for accommodation in a student house

Places in the DS are allocated to those in need of housing – persons who came from remote areas and regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan to foreign citizens (does not apply to holders of internal University grants for the full term of study). Places in the DS are allocated for accommodation during a certain academic period, excluding vacations for 1st-2nd year students.


Places in the hostel are distributed on a competitive basis by a specially created commission.


The competition committee distributes places in the hostel taking into account the grounds and priority in the following priority order:

  • orphans;
  • persons with disabilities (groups I and II):
  • students admitted to study under a state educational grant;
  • students from large families;
  • exchange students as part of academic mobility;
  • students with good academic performance who take an active part in the scientific and social life of the university.
The admissions committee