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DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)

The goal of the DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) educational program is to train management personnel, senior managers with practical experience, as well as those interested in conducting applied research to master and develop modern concepts and management models.

Audience of the DBA program

Leaders of modern business, highly qualified managers who have already achieved impressive success in their activities, have experience in implementing successful projects and a penchant for research, and also want to consolidate their successes, make a breakthrough in advancement in their direction and receive the status Doctor of Business Administration.



Study period: 3 years
Program cost:    1 900 000 tenge / year (in English)
1 700 000 tenge / year (in Russian)
Requirement for candidates: Master’s degree (Master’s / MBA)
Form of education

After completing their studies and defending their doctoral dissertation, graduates receive a diploma and the degree of Doctor of Business Administration.

  • Foreign internships, including meetings with leading managers of world-famous European companies and representatives of major international organizations.
  • Taking subjects according to the approved curriculum, as well as working with individual management problems that may have ever arisen in the students’ experience.

List of documents for admission

  • photo 3х4 (6 pcs.);
  • application (according to the form);
  • copy of identity card / passport;
  • a notarized copy of a master’s degree diploma with attachments;
  • a copy of the labor records (at least 5 years of experience) / certificate of employment;
  • CV or autobiography;
  • medical check-up certificate 075-U;
  • reference letter from the place of work;
  • a motivational essay of 1500-1600 words (what prompted the candidate to become a candidate for the program, what goals he/she sets for themselves during their studies, what he/she strives for in business, what the sphere of their professional and scientific interests is).

Entrance exams

  • Passing an exam or having a certifi cate in English (IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 60-78);
  • Interview with the admissions committee
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