Medical Center


The medical center is located on the ground floor, room 108.

Medical services on campus: doctor’s examination, nurse services, injections, first aid are provided free of charge.

As a patient of the Turan University Medical Center, you have the right to:

– obtaining accurate information regarding diagnosis, treatment and prognosis;

– participation in decisions regarding medical care and treatment.


Your responsibilities include:

– providing genuine and clear information regarding symptoms and the need for medical care;

– following the treatment plan determined together with you;

– treat medical staff and other patients politely and respectfully.


Who can go to the medical center?

If you are sick or injured, please contact the Turan University Medical Center. The medical center has a doctor, nurse practitioner, and psychologist on staff.



Monday – Friday from 09:00 to 18:00

Head of the medical and health center: Rodionova Tatyana Nikolaevna

Phone: 260 40 16

Helpline number: +7 707 374 74 08 Akhmetova Elmira Kazhievna (psychologist)

Medical documents for newly admitted students

When submitting documents, applicants must provide the Turan University Medical Center (to avoid problems when registering for subjects) with a complete package of documents:

Medical certificate of health (form No. 075/u), which includes an examination of the following specialist doctors:

  • Therapist;
  • Ophthalmologist (ophthalmologist);
  • Otolaryngologist (ENT);
  • Surgeon;
  • Neurologist;

Instrumental and laboratory studies: fluorography, microreaction and feces for helminths.

To obtain certificate 075/у you must have the following certificates with you:

Certificate from a drug treatment organization;

Certificate from a psychoneurological organization;

These certificates can be obtained through the portal (certificate from narcology, certificate from psychoneurology) or the eGov mobile application.

A copy of form No. 065/у (copies of records of vaccinations performed from the vaccination card, outpatient card).


X-ray – a picture of the chest (fluorography) taken outside the Republic of Kazakhstan must be certified in Almaty by a radiologist.


Foreign students (not residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan) must also provide documents to the medical center:

– copy of vaccination card.

– medical examination – form 075/у and chest x-ray (fluorography). (You must pass upon arrival in Almaty)


Please be aware that your medical documents issued in your country may not be valid in Kazakhstan.


In addition to this, we strongly recommend purchasing a voluntary health insurance package upon arrival in Almaty, which includes full medical care coverage.

Annual fluorographic examination

Prevention and treatment of tuberculosis is one of the priorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is supported by legislative acts of the state and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan. An annual preventive fluorographic examination is mandatory for all residents of the country; evasion of the examination entails administrative punishment.

Tuberculosis at an early stage of the disease responds well to treatment. Take care of your health – undergo a fluorographic examination in a timely manner.


All students annually, upon expiration of the fluorographic examination, are required to provide an image with a description to the Turan University Medical Center.

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