Institutional analysis

Effective feedback from students, teachers, employees, graduates, employers and other stakeholders’ needs to be collected in order to regularly monitor the quality of the educational process and the educational environment, the scientific and innovation ecosystem. It also helps to identify problems and aspects that require response and further improvement. This monitoring aims to study the parts of the processes that are not amenable to direct observation.


The main monitoring tools are questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, etc.


Questionnaire – acts as a tool for social and marketing research aimed at maximizing the satisfaction of the educational needs of students, improving the quality of educational services, and creating acceptable organizational, scientific, innovative and social conditions for teaching staff, employees and students.


In other words, questionnaires are one of the most effective levers for collecting information (control), allowing potential consumers to gain confidence in the quality of educational services provided by the university.


Goals of the questionnaire at the Turan University:

  • Assessment of students’ level of satisfaction with the quality of teaching in all programs implemented at the university, the preparation of educational and methodological materials, the degree of pedagogical skill, and behavior in the classroom (establishing the facts of corrupt and unethical behavior of teaching staff, lateness and disruptions of classes);
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of educational programs (EP) by students and teaching staff;
  • Assessment of the involvement of teaching staff and students in research and innovation activities and monitoring the development of the scientific and innovative potential of the university;
  • Obtaining objective data for the development of activities that meet the interests of students, expand student participation in university management, and enhance their civic position;
  • Obtaining information about the formation and strengthening of the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of students, teaching staff and employees, identifying the level of social responsibility to the university and the formation of thinking “My university and I”;
  • Providing top management and structural divisions with the necessary information that allows them to purposefully improve certain aspects of their activities, improve their quality;
  • Revealing the degree of employers’ satisfaction with the quality of training of university students and their relevance in the market.
Оценка предпринимательского духа университета «Туран» GUESSS_Report_2021_Kazakhstan Преподавтель глазами студентов 21-22 Степень удовлетворенности инфраструктурными и социальными условиями обучающихся
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