Student life


Turan University students lead an active academic, social, creative, sports life, where the initiators and engines of creative ideas are the students themselves. The University creates favorable conditions for the professional development of students, the disclosure of their creative, entrepreneurial potential, and promotes the establishment of ties between youth public associations both within Kazakhstan and abroad.

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Students who have shown the best academic results and conducted serious scientific activities throughout the year are awarded the honorary title of “Student of the Year”, and students who actively participate in the social life of the university are nominated “Activist of the Year”. The best student organizations compete for the “Breakthrough of the Year” title every year.

The best students and activists are invited to dinner with the Chancellor at the city’s posh restaurants. Such “no tie” meetings with the rector of Turan University provide an opportunity to talk about topics of interest to students, and listen to Rahman Alshanovich’s advice, as well as receive guidance and a huge charge of positive energy.

The student life of the university is covered in the You tube news portal of the «Turan Channel», the entertainment Youtube channel «Turan Students Government», Tik-Tok account, as well as in the printed edition of STUDiYa magazine.

The University encourages students who take an active part in the life of the university and who have achieved high sports results with benefits for training.


Student Code

Turan University aims to support the educational and scientific community, in which freedom of expression, both in writing and orally, is of great importance. Members of the university community must treat each other with respect. Citizenship requires cooperation, tolerance, acceptance, inclusiveness, courtesy and patience, which are reflected in demeanor.Students include students of all levels of educational programs (bachelor’s, master’s, PhD).

University student mission
  • Become a sought-after specialist.
  • Take a worthy part in the cultural, social, economic and political life of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Basic moral principles of a university student:

The student in his activities is guided by such basic moral principles as:

  • humane attitude towards people;
  • respect for the rights, honor and dignity of the individual;
  • decency;
  • honesty;
  • truthfulness;
  • responsibility and loyalty to the assumed obligations;
  • adherence to principles.


Read the student code of Turan University link.


Student’s Guide

Student Council
  • Represents the interests of the students of the University
  • Coordinates the activities of student organizations
  • Attracts students to participate in various activities and organization of students’ leisure

Any student who meets the following criteria can be a member of the Student Council of the University:

  • Student leader of a student organization;
  • The headman of his group;
  • A member of the student council of SH # 1;
  • A student with an active social position;
  • A student working for the benefit and development of student initiatives;

A student complying with the University student code of honor.

The admissions committee