About the university

The university provides training in 29 undergraduate educational programs, 29 master’s programs and 7 programs of PhD in 5 departments:

Students can study under state grants and grants from the rector of the university. Excellence students can apply for a scholarship from Kazakhstani and foreign companies and organizations. All this allows us to provide students with a quality education for their further employment and development in the competitive environment of modern society.


The university has over 700 personal computers. The internal system is supported by a powerful server. Turan University became the first university in the Republic of Kazakhstan to join the Eduroam project, which allows students and university staff to use free Wi-Fi in almost any university in 54 countries of the world under their corporate login.

The university also opened the Apple Digital Lab. Within the framework of the project, children and youth have access to educational programs developed by Apple – Everyone Can Code (Everyone can program) and Everyone Can Create (Everyone can create). Among other things, the digital laboratory is focused on the formation of a faculty who can work in a digital environment, as well as form and transfer knowledge in today’s digital realities.

Also, guests of the Turan University from foreign universities during their visit to Almaty will be able to connect to wireless Internet access free of charge.

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