Inclusive education

  • upon application of students, special educational needs are taken into account when scheduling classes (on the first floor, etc.);
  • there is access to textbooks for study both in the library and at home, and educational materials are also provided in electronic form;
  • provided the opportunity to develop optimal individual educational trajectories for students with special educational needs;
  • if necessary, an individual training schedule is drawn up;
  • there is access to the IPR BOOKS Electronic Library System;
  • there is a support center for students with special education needs;
  • for persons with disabilities (Ⅰ-Ⅲ gr) there are discounts on tuition fees.
Inclusive infrastructure

The university has facilities for physical access of people with disabilities:

  • An internal and an external ramp to the stairs
  • Tactile Tile
  • Sanitary Facilities
  • Tactile symbolic circuit
  • Medical and wellness center
  • Information boards for people with hearing impairment
  • Designated parking lot
  • Elevator adapted for people with disabilities
  • Special headphones for people with hearing impairment
  • Audiobooks, voice recorders
The admissions committee