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Distance learning

Distance learning is the organization of educational process when the educational program is mainly based on individual student learning. When this student mostly, and often completely separated from the teacher in distance or in time, and their interaction is based on pedagogically organized information technologies, first of all with the use of information communications.

Who can enrolled?
  • Want to get the second higher education and to continue their education after College;
  • Persons with disabilities, including disabled persons of groups I and II;
  • Students traveled outside of the state exchange programs, except scholarship “Bolashak”;
  • Part-time students called up for military service at the level of higher education;
  • On an extended overseas business  trip (over 4 months) at the level of higher education.


The second highest education: 2 years (4 semester), 120-140 credits of theoretical training, complex examination, final work.


After college: 3 years (6 semester), 166-186 credits of theoretical training, complex examination, final work.


  • Student should have computer skills, email and the Internet
  • Student should have access to the personal computer.
  • The computer must be connected to the Internet
  • Student must  have a permanent e-mail address
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