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Academic degree: Bachelor of Economics and Business; at the end of the scientific and pedagogical masters – Master of Economic Sciences in the specialty “Marketing”; at the end of the profile master program – Master of Economics and Business, specialty “Marketing”.


Duration of studying:

– 4 years after secondary general education (intramural)
– 3 years after the secondary professional education (intramural, extramural, distance)
– 2 years after higher education (distance)
– 2 years – scientific and pedagogical direction
– 1 year – profile direction


Bachelor of Economics and Business of “Marketing” specialty can carry out analytical, research, organizational, administrative, and educational (pedagogical) activities in the following areas: the study of industry and regional markets, the marketing environment of economic entities of various forms of ownership; improvement of the marketing system of the enterprise; development of the marketing strategy of the enterprise. The scope of marketing is quite wide. Objects of professional activity of graduates are state institutions, service enterprises, various organizations of the economic sphere, production and intermediary enterprises, international chambers of commerce, trading houses, transport and communications, design and research institutes, public organizations, research and production, educational institutions.


Directions of professional activity:

– planning of marketing activities;
– organization and conduct of marketing research;
– evaluation of the company’s marketing capabilities (SWOT analysis, GAP analysis, STEP analysis);
– development of corporate strategy;
– development of functional strategies;
– development and improvement of commodity and price policy;
– the organization of the system of marketing and commodity circulation in the market;
– application of marketing communications for promotion of goods and services in the market;
– implementation of marketing strategies that provide competitive advantages in the market;
– carrying out of audit, auditing and control of marketing activity.


Obligatory disciplines in the specialty:

– Economic theory.
– Microeconomics
– Macroeconomics
– Marketing
– Accounting and audit
– Finance
– Management
– Mathematics in Economics
– Marketing research
– Marketing Management

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