Worldwide master’s degrees are post-graduate education for students who already have a bachelor’s degree.


The specialized master’s degree (1 year) provides advanced professional training. The training is of a practical nature and is aimed at developing management skills in all areas of activity. The task of the specialized magistracy is to prepare professional managers and leaders.


The Scientific and Pedagogical Magistracy (2 years) provides in-depth scientific and pedagogical training. Graduates of The Scientific and Pedagogical Magistracy can also teach at universities.

Educational programs:

The Scientific and Pedagogical (previous level of education – bachelor ‘s degree or higher special education without work experience), study period – 2 years.


Professionally oriented degree (previous level of education – bachelor ‘s degree or higher special education), with a study period – 1 year, 1.5 years.


Form of education: full- time


Languages of training: Kazakh, Russian.


Academic degree:
The Scientific and Pedagogical master ‘s degree: Master of Science MSc (in the corresponding specialty).
Professionally oriented master’s degree: (on the corresponding specialty).

In accordance with the amendments, admission to master’s and doctoral studies will now take place twice a year: traditionally in summer and additionally in winter.


Acceptance of documents in winter:


Registration for participation in the second comprehensive Master’s degree testing takes place via the website of the National Testing Center – .


Comprehensive testing: from November 19 to December 11. The passing score in the scientific and pedagogical master’s degree is 75, in the profile – 50.


In case of successful completion of the tests, applicants will be able to win grants that were not considered following the results of the summer admission. Documents for participation in the competition for the award of educational grants will be accepted until December 25.


Admission to the Master’s program: from December 26 to January 10.

If there is a discrepancy between the profile of the educational program of the magistracy and the applicant’s educational program of higher education, prerequisites are set for the master’s student upon admission to the magistracy. Applicants are allowed to master them on their own and take exams on a paid basis after passing the entrance exams. Prerequisite programs for educational master’s programs are developed with the relevant departments.


List of prerequisites

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