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The specialty “Economics” is one of the most demanded modern economic specialties. It should be noted that this profession combines several interesting disciplines such as mathematics, economics, international economics, information and communication technologies, entrepreneurship, etc.


Academic degree: bachelor’s degree, master’s degree in economics; Master of Economics and Business, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Training period:

– 4 years after secondary education

– 3 years after secondary vocational education

– 2 years after higher education

– scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years
– profile direction – 1 year, 1.5 years

– 3 years (PhD)


The profession of an economist allows each graduate, both to work in the field of finance and economic activity, and to engage in scientific research in this interesting and promising area.


Master’s degree studies:

– to get more fundamental knowledge in the field of economics;
– to gain a competitive advantage in employment both in Kazakhstan and abroad;
– to occupy responsible, highly paid official positions;
– to acquire the most demanded specialty, optimally adapted to the state of the modern Kazakhstani and world economy in the state
– structure, private business, non-profit organizations, expert-analytical and academic sector.


Doctoral studies:

– provides elite training of specialists of the highest scientific qualifications of the international level for scientific, scientific and pedagogical, industrial and innovative fields of activity;
– expands your career opportunities;
– guarantees that you will become the most demanded specialist with a systematic vision of economic problems, capable of identifying commercial opportunities for the application and implementation of research results, conducting an examination of research problems, and effectively managing science-intensive projects.



Current courses:


Bachelor’s degree:

– Personal and professional effectiveness
– Introduction to Business
– Innovation
– Leadership
– English in professional activities
– Data analysis and forecasting of the economy
– Web technologies for business
– Technique of negotiation
– Economy of modern Kazakhstan


Master’s degree:

– Institutional economics.
– Innovative development of Kazakhstan science.
– Business planning of innovative projects.
– Economic security of the company.
– Corporate social responsibility.
– Economics and Small Business Management.
– Project management.
– Business organization in the international market.
– Strategic management.
– Strategic controlling.



– The theory of economic science.
– Statistical analysis and modeling.
– Managing academic thesis for PhD proposal to publishing.
– Strategic controlling.
– Management of changes in the economy.
– Foreign experience in management and development.
– Modernization of the economic development of modern Kazakhstan.
– Management of strategic objects in the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
– Theory and Practice of Modern Leadership.
– Foreign experience of management.

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