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Journalism is not a profession, it is a way of life. Your worldview. Philosophy.


If you are not indifferent to what is happening, you have your own position, your own opinion and want to change the world for the better, this is your way) 


In the age of numbers, a journalist is a “universal soldier” Writing texts masterfully is today the main, but far from the only skill that must be mastered perfectly to work with news or analytical material. The use of all kinds of methods and tools for presenting information in one material, a variety of presentation of text content, animation, photos, infographics, video materials, soundtrack, the introduction of interactive elements into the resource – these are the attributes of the modern media environment. This is how content is presented to users today – conveniently, compactly, creatively, visually and in a variety of formats. But the most perfect form can never hide the emptiness of content. 


Studying with us, become interesting, versatile, deep and be part of an endless creative process!


Become a professional with us!


Code: 6В03201


Terms of admission


Admission is carried out at full-time and remote departments. Enrollment for the program is carried out for state, internal grants and paid places.


Training period:


  • 4 years after secondary education
  • 3 years after secondary vocational education
  • 2 years after higher education


Two creative exams


  • Written exam – essay on a free topic
  • Oral exam – interview
  • Portfolio is encouraged (your achievements and your own journalistic materials)


Features of the program


  • Practice-oriented learningPracticing
  • Academic mobility
  • Using innovative learning technologies
  • in various media in Kazakhstan (editorial offices of newspapers, magazines, TV channels, radio, information portals, etc.)
  • Knowledge of foreign languages ​​after the end of the program
  • Preparation and 100% employment of competitive graduates.


Features of the program


Training involves a great practical component.


Newspaper-magazine “STUDiYa”




Research laboratory “TURAN LINGUA”




Current and exclusive courses


  • Multimedia Journalism
  • Investigative journalism
  • fashion journalism
  • Faktcheking
  • Media Ethics 
  • International Journalism
  • Myths in the information space
  • Creative thinking
  • Producing TV
  • Storytelling
  • Lingvobezopasnost mediatext
  • modern media technologies
  • Lingvokonfliktologiya
  • Project Management
  • Intellectual nation and humanitarian technologies
  • Verbal aggression and verbal manipulation 
  • Actual problems of modern journalism
  • Forsyth career
  • International Information conflicts
  • global journalism
  • Strategic media management


Our partners


  • Nizhny Novgorod State University Lobachevsky
  • Volgograd State University
  • Pomor Academy in Slupsk (Poland)
  • International Triple Helix Association
  • Ankara University Haji Bayram Veli, Turkey
  • Kastamonu University, Turkey
  • Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University named after Yeltsin
  • UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office for Central Asia
  • Central Asian Bureau of Analytical Journalism (project of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR)
  • International Journalism Center Media Net 
  • International Association of Producers of Goods and Services “ExpoBest”
  • TV Channels “Almaty”, “Kazakhstan”, “Khabar”, “MIR”, CPC
  • Publishing house “Partners Media group” includes 6 international publications: Harper’s BAZAAR, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Robb Report, Men’s Health and Good Housekeeping, as well as 5 Internet -projects:,,,,
  • Information Agency “Kazakhstan Today”
  • Multimedia information and analytical portal “”
  • Gazeta ” Almaty aқshams “” Ana tili “,” sken өңir “,” Zhas Kazak “and other media


Our graduates work: 


  • in the editorial offices of news agencies and print media, television and radio, news portals and Internet resources;
  • in the press services of government agencies, corporations and public organizations;
  • in advertising agencies; 
  • in SMM-agencies (Social Media Marketing);
  • in publishing houses and production studios;
  • in analytical and educational centers;
  • in public relations departments and PR-agencies;
  • in international organizations and cultural institutions


Our Instagram: Journalism_of_Turan


Our Facebook: Turan_Journalism

If you want to own the world by managing information, then for this there is one of the most interesting professions – journalism. These are meetings with famous people, first-hand news, exclusive materials and an excellent “school of life”.


You will become professionals in such areas as: print journalism, television, new media technologies, PR.




7M03201 – Scientific and pedagogical

7M03206 – Profile


Two entrance exams: 


  • foreign language
  • profile subject


Form of study: full-time


Duration of study: 2 years (scientific and pedagogical direction)

1 year (profile direction)




  • print media (learn to write sharp, bright, popular materials),
  • electronic media (realize yourself in television, radio, internet journalism),
  • business journalism (become an analyst in business media).




  • practicing teachers;
  • own TV studio;
  • student magazine “STUDiYA”;
  • laboratory of problems of media linguistics;
  • current specializations;
  • entrepreneurial courses;
  • master classes by professionals;
  • a real opportunity for employment in the specialty on radio and television, in print and online media.




  • TV and radio journalism;
  • Foreign journalism
  • Language and style of mass communication
  • Genre forms and functions of modern journalism
  • Legal foundations of journalism;
  • Multimedia journalism;
  • Introduction to Business;
  • Business communications;
  • Intellectual property law;
  • Project management.
  • Linguistic safety of media text;
  • Creative thinking;
  • Myths in the information space;
  • Artistic production as a means of propaganda;
  • TV production;
  • DATA journalism: models and technologies;
  • Personal branding of the journalist;
  • Fashion journalism;
  • Cinematography Basics;
  • Analytical journalism;
  • Investigative journalism.




Within the framework of double-diploma programs and programs on academic mobility, students have the opportunity to study at the partner universities offered at their choice:


  • Istanbul Arel University, Turkey;
  • Kastamonu University, Turkey;
  • Berjaya University College of Hospitality, Malaysia.


Our graduates work:


  • in the editorial offices of news agencies and print media,
  • on television and radio;
  • in the press services of government agencies, corporations and public organizations;
  • in advertising and communication agencies;
  • in publishing houses and production studios;
  • in analytical and educational centers;
  • in international organizations;
  • in cultural institutions.



The admissions committee
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