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Regional studies


Code: 6В03102 


Specialists of the new formation prepared for analytical work, negotiating, coordinating international programs and managing international projects, escorting delegations abroad, consulting and different types of activities in the sphere of external relations.


Academic degree: bachelor of social sciences


Form of education: full-time, full-time with the use of remote technologies




  • 4 years w/ secondary education (full-time),
  • 3 years w/ secondary professional (full-time, part-time),
  • 2 years w/ higher education (part-time, distance learning)



  • Specificity of the program is in a comprehensive study of the history, economy, culture of different regions in the modern society.

What students discover for themselves in this specialty makes them competitive in the labor market – this is the prospect of the specialty.

  • According to the results of the University’s rating of educational programs in accordance with the levels and areas of training of specialists conducted by the NKAO, in 2015 the educational program “Regional studies” (bachelor’s degree) took the third place. Starting with 3rd semester, students begin to study Chinese or Turkish.



  • Introduction to regional studies
  • Geopolitical concepts of world regions
  • Kazakhstan in the system of regional relations
  • Political system of countries of region of specialization
  • Country of specialization in modern geopolitical processes
  • Central Asia in system of regional relations
  • History of country of specialization
  • Influence of world powers on Central Asia
  • Continental and country specificities of the globalization process
  • Political processes in Eurasia
  • Theory of Eurasianism
  • Foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • “Great Game” in Central Asia in the XX century”




  • “Arel” University (Turkey)
  • Orientalism Institute of Suleymenov R. of Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • «The Future Is in the Hands of the Youth» International Fund
  • «Center of Science Information and Policy Research» LLP




  • Arel” University (Turkey)
  • “Kastamonu” University (Turkey)
  • “Zittau/Görlitz” University (Germany)
  • The Eastern Mediterranean University (Nicosia, The Northern Cyprus)


Our students go on internships, summer schools of our partners. Also participate in the volunteer project AISEC, in the project of the Turkish government Mevlana.

Speciality students develop their professional skills through the MUN (UN Models), which is a synthesis of the conference and role-playing game.




  • Consultant in the field of regional policy and economics
  • Foreign Policy Observer
  • Interpreter
  • Interpreter-ReferentKnowledge allows graduates to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, embassies and consulates of the Republic of Kazakhstan, various government bodies and organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, working in the field of foreign policy relations, world politics, international organizations, and transnational corporations.


Sphere of activity:


  • Government bodies and organizations
  • Local authorities
  • Educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Objects of professional activity of graduates


  • Regional Policy
  • Regional economic processes
  • Internal and external policy of the state
  • International organizations
  • Local authorities
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