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Translation profeciency

Translator is one of the oldest, most humane and noblest professions, designed to unite people. It acquired an exceptional significance in the XXI century: political, social, and cultural levels have become indispensable in the age of globalization. Changes in the political and economic situation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the intensification of international cooperation, the appearance of foreign companies in our market and the entry of Kazakhstan into the world orbit significantly increased the demand for specialists not only proficient in a foreign language, but also able to accurately render the meaning of the source language.


Code: 6В02301


Academic degree: Bachelor


Optional subject in the UNT:


Foreign language + History


UNT disciplines (for applicants in a related specialty):


Kazak/Russian language + Foreign language


Form of education: full-time, full-time with the use of remote technologies


Duration of training


  • 4 years after secondary education (full-time)
  • 3 years after the intermediate vocational education (full-time, distance)
  • 2 years after the highest education (distance)




  • Certified English courses.
  • Official Testing Center ETS Global including TOEFL ITP, TOEFL iBT TOEIC TOEIC Bridge etc.
  • English is the main language; optional second foreign language: French, German, Chinese, Turkish.
  • Practice bases in translation agencies, internships in international companies.
  • Entrepreneurial modules.
  • Professional master classes.
  • Technical equipment (language lab, interactive whiteboards, training programs).
  • Individual training approach.
  • Topical specializations.
  • All types of translation preparation: informative, technical, literary translation; oral (consecutive and simultaneous), written translation.
  • Real opportunities to work in international companies and translation agencies.
  • Opportunity to start own business (translation agency, etc.)


  • Classic language;

  • Contemporary reading;
  • Speech communication practice;
  • Business English;
  • Cognitive linguistics;
  • Intercultural communication;
  • Transformational methods in translation;
  • Translation in professional communication.


Entrepreneurial courses:


  • Business Introduction (in language);
  • Business Law;
  • Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Business Communications;
  • Project Management;
  • Start-up.




  • Kazakhstan Translators Association;
  • «Alatau Innovation Technopark» SEZ;
  • «Translator Group» translation agency;
  • «Gala Translations» translation company;
  • «First Media Group» Media Holding (magazine L’Officiel Kazakhstan);
  • «FARM» investment fund;
  • «BeSmart» coupon service;
  • «» – a large e-commerce company;
  • Association of Kazakhstan Internet Business and Mobile Commerce.


Students of the «Translation Studies» undertake an internship in organizations and institutions in which knowledge of a foreign language is a constant demand. Agreements have been concluded with partner organizations acting as practice bases. Among them are «LexTrans» and «Translators Group» translation agencies, «First Media Group» LLP, «Blackberry» LLP, «Kazakhstan Fashion Week» international project, «L’Officiel» glossy magazine and others.


Double-degree programs and programs on academic mobility


Within the framework of double-degree programs and programs on academic mobility, students have the opportunity to study in the partner universities according to their choice:


  • Berjaya University College of Hospitality, Malaysia;
  • Istanbul Arel University, Turkey;
  • Kastamonu University Turkey;
  • Volgograd State University, Russia.




Possible career prospects:


  • Manager for work with foreign partners;
  • Interpreter / translator in commercial structures and state enterprises;
  • Assistant to the head of an international company;
  • Teacher of foreign languages;
  • Employee of state organizations of the region;
  • Guide-interpreter.
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