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Code – 6В04107 «Marketing»


Period of study:


  • 4 years after school
  • 3 years after college


A marketing specialist is one of the most important specialists in the company, because even with a delicious filling, but without a beautiful wrapper, it is sometimes very difficult, or rather almost impossible, to break into the market and take a “top” position.


This educational program is aimed at training competitive specialists with the necessary skills and knowledge to promote the company and improve its market position. A marketer should know all the innovative and fresh approaches, techniques, and tools in the field of marketing and market research. A marketer should be able to correctly recognize the demand, form the right supply, explore the market, develop strategies to improve the competitiveness and turnover of the company – all these are the key functions of a specialist in this field.


It is the marketing specialist who determines the further success, popularity and level of sales of the promoted products, since he/she helps the manufacturer to understand and meet the needs of the consumer as much as possible.

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