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Restaurant Management and Hotel Business


Code – 6В11102 «Restaurant Management and Hotel Business»


Period of study:


  • 4 years after school
  • 3 years after college


The restaurant management and hotel business is one of the most promising areas of modern economic activity. This major involves deep knowledge in the field of economics and marketing, management theory, information technology, foreign languages, design and advertising. All this set of activities gives rise to a dynamically developing service sector. According to research in the professional sphere, this major is and will remain one of the most popular in the coming years, since every year the demand for services and quality recreation only increases, despite all the abundance of choice.


Majoring in Restaurant and Hotel Business, you acquire necessary competences to start your own business. During the training, you will learn all the subtleties and nuances of the organization of the restaurant business and hotel business, our business practitioners will be happy to share their experience in the selection of personnel, monitoring the service process, technological preparation of production for service. In addition, you will get acquainted with all the stages of organizing and conducting banquets, receptions, creating advertising for restaurants and hotels, as well as conducting training for staff on service issues and ethics of business communication. This major implies both general technical activity and the opportunity to show your creative potential, developing the sphere of the hospitality industry.

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