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Academic degree: Bachelor in Services


Duration of study:

– 4 years after secondary education (full-time)
– 3 years after an average professional (full-time, distance)
– 2 years after higher education (distance)


Logistics – a relatively new specialty, but quite in demand in the labor market. The logistics service has a close relationship with almost all divisions of the company. Logistic is a profession of the 21st century. The main functions of the logistician are working with customers and suppliers, preparing documents, systematizing them and creating registers. The logistician’s duties also include resolving organizational issues related to the formation and placement of an order, coordinating the work of the warehouse and the transport service, forecasting purchases with the sales department and laying out cargo routes, inventory management. In addition, the logistician must know foreign languages, be able to negotiate with contractors and drivers, and be able to correctly use information technologies in his work. A logistics professional must comprehensively represent all business processes, supply chains and find solutions for their rational optimization.


Advantages of the educational program “Logistics”:

– the use of interactive teaching methods (interactive lectures, case studies, role and business games, presentations, business projects);

– practice-oriented training (master classes, guest and binary lectures with the invitation of practitioners, field classes in commercial structures);

– the use of computer technology (online testing on the website, conducting online classes based on Adobe connect software, solving applied optimization problems and conducting a business game in the Excel program, computer testing using the econom and U-3 testing programs );

– in-depth study of the English language with the receipt of an appropriate certificate;

– passing industrial and undergraduate practice in leading companies;

– harmonization of the curriculum of the specialty “Logistics” with the educational programs of foreign universities for the implementation of double-degree education programs.


Actual and exclusive courses:

– Higher mathematics
– Mathematical modeling in logistics
– Product Logistics
– Transport logistics
– Supply Chain Management

Выбор языка: