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Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications

Training period:
– 4 years after secondary education (full-time)
– 3 years after an average professional (full-time, remotely)
– 2 years after higher (remotely)


The intensive development of telecommunications and the emergence of new operators in the Kazakhstan market requires the training of telecommunications specialists with an understanding of the structure of modern telecommunication systems and the development trends of national and transnational information and communication networks. The knowledge and skills acquired during the training process allow working in large telecommunication companies in Kazakhstan and abroad as engineering and technical workers in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of all networks and wired communication systems, data networks, information and computer networks, networks radio communications, including television and radio broadcasting.


Actual and exclusive courses:

– Subscriber access
– Fiber optic communication lines
– Basics of IPTV and NGN
– Mobile Basics
– Digital TV
– Operation of infocommunication netw
– Computer graphics and applied packa
– Theory of building infocommunicatio
– Telecommunication networks and syst
– Introduction to entrepreneurship
– Business organization
– Legal support of business
– Legal regulation of entrepreneurial
– Marketing analysis
– Project management
– Management of innovation processes
– Development of a technology startup

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