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The profession of a psychologist today is in demand in the field of education, in production, in the service sector, in the social assistance system, in the field of business and in increasing personal efficiency. Psychologists carry out psychodiagnostic and corrective work, psychological education, psychological counseling and psychotherapy. The training program for psychologists complies with the state educational standard and includes the disciplines of the humanitarian and socio-economic, general professional cycle and disciplines of specialization. Our students participate in educational research and research work, attend scientific circles in psychology, take part in scientific conferences, Olympiads.


Academic degree and duration of study:

  • bachelor (4, 3, 2 years of study)
  • Master of Social Sciences in the specialty “Psychology” (2 years, scientific and pedagogical direction)
  • Master of Social Knowledge in the specialty “Psychology” (1 year, profile direction)
  • Master of Social Knowledge in the specialty “Psychology” (1.5 years, profile direction)
  • Doctor (4, 3, 2 years of study)
  1. Psychology

The educational program “Psychology” is aimed at training specialists in the field of practical and social psychology with the skills of psychological diagnostics and counseling. A specialist in the field of practical psychology carries out activities in psychological centers, in private companies, public and non-profit organizations, conducts personal practical activities, etc.


  1. Business Psychology

The educational program “Business Psychology” is aimed at the formation of scientific, economic, managerial thinking, at the ability to work on the strategy of the organization, to understand the peculiarities of modern business, its diversity, complexity and contradiction, at the formation of the ability to determine the role of the human factor in the company’s activities, the ability to direct activity leaders and staff to overcome barriers, increase competitiveness, stress resistance in a highly competitive environment and the development of the organization. Following the requirements and demands of the labor market, a business psychologist needs fundamentally new, in comparison with classical programs, competencies.


A business psychologist is a specialist in the field of scientific and practical psychology, organizational psychology, training and coaching technologies, who operates in educational institutions, psychological centers, development centers, vocational training centers, manufacturing enterprises and business organizations, consulting and recruiting agencies.


  1. Child and Adolescent Psychology

The educational program “Child and Adolescent Psychology” offers unique and modern courses that allow you to get acquainted with world theories and current trends in the field of psychological counseling and psychotherapy, which will allow students to master the chosen profession in the proposed direction most fully and deeply.


EP “Child and adolescent psychology” involves the formation of knowledge and skills in the field of child and adolescent psychology, patterns of development and formation of children and adolescents, diagnosis and therapy of deviant behavior of adolescents, the basics of neuropsychology of childhood, the main directions in psychotherapy of children, behavioral features of adolescents in the norm and pathology, cultural anthropology of childhood, features of psychological work in preschool and school institutions, in inclusive education, psychology of childhood trauma, psychoanalysis of children, psychology and psychotherapy of the family, parent-child relations.


Obtaining an education in this EP is the basis for further professional growth in various fields of activity of a child psychologist-consultant, starting with the activity of a psychologist in various structural units of educational and state institutions, and ending with conducting private practice in the field of counseling and psychotherapy.

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