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Courses for pre-university specialized training for students

Courses for pre-university specialized training for students include the following ELECTIVE DISCIPLINES IN ENGLISH:

  • Introduction to Computer & Science Programming
  • Mathematics
  • Leadership and Motivation
  • Business planning
  • First steps in project management
  • Authentic materials in learning English
  • International Relations and Multilateral Diplomacy
  • Business Communication
  • Practical Psychology
  • Web design
  • Oratory skills
  • Action skills
  • Principles of finance
  • Smart City
  • Introduction to economics

Admission to the preparatory faculty is carried out without entrance exams.


The term of study is from September 01 to May 25 (9 months).

Vacations in accordance with state compulsory secondary education standards.


List of documents:


  1. Application addressed to the rector.
  2. Health certificate.
  3. Six 3×4 photos.

Classes will be held at Turan University on Saturdays (another day is possible) from 8.30 – 12.45 (2 academic hours each discipline). The choice of course, class schedule at the request of students.



Registration for Turan Foundation courses

Dean of the Preparatory Faculty:


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