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International accreditation

In the period from May to December 2021, the University was in the process of passing the Program and Institutional International Accreditation of the ACQUIN Agency, Germany.


In addition, on June 9, 2021, in preparation for accreditation, 64 employees were trained and received certificates from the ACQUIN Agency on attending the seminar “International institutional and program accreditation: Criteria and Self-assessment Report”.


During this time, some work was done on the selection of an accreditation agency, preparation of 3 reports in English and Russian, preparation for interviews of departments, structural units, teaching staff, students, graduates, and preparation of documents for the post-accreditation period.


As a result, the University received a preliminary expert opinion on the successful completion of Institutional Accreditation without obligations and the results of Program Accreditation are expected in March.

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