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International program for foreigners

If you plan to get a high-quality higher education in Kazakhstan, but do not speak Kazakh / Russian or do not speak Kazakh/Russian, we offer you to study at the Foundation department of Turan University.


The best faculty who speak foreign languages ​​(English, Chinese, Turkish, etc.) work at the foundation department, who organize comfortable intensive immersion into the Kazakh/Russian cultural and linguistic environment.

The foundation department gives foreign citizens the opportunity to get a certificate from Turan University on taking language courses.




  • Disclosure of the individuality of each foreign student in the process of teaching the Kazakh/Russian language as a foreign and general educational discipline.
  • Activization of the intellectual and creative abilities of students in order to form a multilaterally developed personality in general and a professional in particular.
  • Socio-cultural adaptation to the social and intellectual environment of the university, Almaty metropolis and Kazakhstan.\
  • Development of a pedagogical system for the integration of foreign students into major faculties in order to implement the continuity of training and preserve the contingent.



– Preparation of foreign students to study at the departments of the University of Turan.

– Preparation includes both language (from scratch), and subject-oriented training of foreign citizens in the necessary disciplines of their future specialty.

– As a rule, studying at the faculty is 9 months (one academic year).

– The number of hours of classroom lessons per week is 8 hours (16 credits per year), 4 hours (8 credits per year), 8-10 students from different countries study in the group.

– The faculty implements a variable learning model that defines flexible educational trajectories focused on the individual needs of students of the faculty.

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