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VI Italian Cooking Week in the World

The VI Italian Cooking Week 2021 took place all over the world. Its theme was «Traditions and perspectives on Italian cuisine: the importance and popularization of conscious consumption in the food sector». This project started in 2016 and during its existence it has proved to be an effective tool to support the promotion of the Italian way of life. In Kazakhstan the project is implemented by the Italian Embassy in Nur-Sultan and the ICE Office in Almaty in cooperation with private partners.


Italian Food Week in the World is held every year at the end of November to promote Italian gastronomy, enogastronomy and peculiarities of cooking of different regions of Italy. The project seeks to convey the value of culinary traditions as one of the components of the perfection of the phenomenon «Made in Italy» – a symbol of national identity of Italy and its culture.


Within the framework of this project a professional culinary master class was held on November 26 in Almaty by four well-known chefs: Gianluca Ruini, Olga Ilyina, Arslan Yalchin and Roberto Spadaccini. Among the invited guests were lecturers of the department «Tourism and service» associate professor Galiya Fayzullina and senior lecturer Anar Ospanova, as well as a 3rd year student of the educational program «Restaurant business and Hospitality» Olga Sadchikova.

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