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Students of the «Tourism» have completed basic training from the «Travelport» company

On May 17, the award ceremony for the 3rd year students of the educational program «Tourism» (Kazakh/Russian department) was held at the Turan University. 7 students have successfully completed basic training in the «Galileo Basic Course» system from Travelport, within the framework of the subject «Electronic booking and reservation systems in tourism and service», the teacher Musaev Mukhamedali Akhmetzhanovich. The received certificate confirms the qualification of the employee in the field of GDS-booking.


The period of internship and training: 11.04 – 26.04 2022.


Awarded students:

  1. Sanatkyzy Gulsan
  2. Zhadyra Ernar
  3. Tyulutaeva Venus
  4. Kayrkhanova Zhania
  5. Alkhanbaykyzy Ayauly
  6. Ernazar Marzhan
  7. Bikbulatova Meruert

The certificates were presented by Mr. Rizwan Siddik, Managing Director of «Travelport».

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