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Turan University has successfully passed the Institutional and Program Accreditation of the International Agency ACQUIN

On April 25, 2022, the International Accreditation Agency ACQUIN approved the University of Turan Institutional accreditation for a period of 6 years until 2028 and Program accreditation of 33 educational programs for 8 years until 2030.


The accreditation of the University of Turan means that ACQUIN highly appreciated the quality of our activities and recognized our compliance with European standards and criteria.  This means that we create transparent educational programs and ensure their diversity, we try to be international and correspond to international higher education institutions, improve the competitiveness of our graduates in the global labor market.


In 2021, in order to provide quality education, the university applied for accreditation to the ACQUIN agency, Germany.  During 2021, the entire staff of the university worked on the analysis of their work, prepared a self-report for the expert commission.  The Accreditation Commission, having carefully analyzed all the work of the university, approved the institutional accreditation.


We congratulate all the employees of the University of Turan on the high appreciation of their activities and wish them further achievements!

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